Who are we?

Really, it’s about me but I’m hoping to grow this to about us. 

I’m a late learner of the piano, not even starting till I was 39yrs old with 2 kids. A couple of late editions in the form of twins and now I’m the father of 4.

But I love the piano and have always wanted to learn it. It was something my grandma also played when I was young but I never really had the opportunity. Now that’s changed, and I do have the opportunity to chase my interests. Also my own children were getting into their music lessons and I wanted to join them while they learned and provide a role model as well.

What to we do?

I wanted to provide resources to other new and late starter piano players while I am still fresh and still have those newbie questions. You know, if you are new enough like ‘How do I find middle C’. Or my newbie question that took a while to wrap my head around was, do you change seating position for a different key? You don’t by the way. And if you came from a musical background that I didn’t you probably would know that answer. But I want to help the beginners and build that foundation so they and we can become intermediate players. Good enough to impress friends and enjoy ourselves but not fooling anyone into thinking we are going to play at Carnegie Hall.

It may take some time to build all the content you need and we want to but I hope you stick around and come back now and again to see what we can help you with. 

You can help us!

You can help just by coming back and reading new content and sharing it with friends and others on social media if you like. If you have a question or something you would like send us an e-mail about it.

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