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How You Can Improve Your Piano Technique.

Every professional pianist was a beginner at some point. As a beginner, you may be interested in improving piano technique. Well, the professional piano players can shed some light on how you can improve.

The main advantage of seeking professional advice from an expert piano player is that the techniques have been tried and tested, meaning they are very effective. Some of the techniques that you can utilize to improve your piano technique include:

Practice Your Scales

Different benefits accrue from practicing your scales. The scale is in the form of all the notes that are present in the key signature. The notes have been placed in alphabetical order from one tonic note to the next. By ensuring that you are conversant with all the scales and where the flats and sharps have been placed, you will manage to improve on your piano technique.

Always Work On Your Fingering

Some people usually underestimate the significance of fingering when it comes to playing the piano. Fingering enables a person to play the piano well.

Music comprises of scalar patterns, finger crosses, arpeggiated chords, and numerous passages that require a pianist to be careful with fingering. A piano player should play through each passage slowly as they try to come up with a fingering technique that suits them. The main focus is on ensuring that you will not run out of fingers as you play the piano.

As a pianist, you may have a scalar passage. In this case, you should make use of a fingering technique that aligns with the scalar passage so that you can manage to play the whole passage without moving your hand in a manner that may seem uncomfortable. Moving your hand from one point to another regularly may prove to be uncomfortable, and you will end up breaking the melodic phrasing.

Numerous resources may guide you when it comes to improving on your fingering. Specific technique books exist, and they contain some exercises that will ensure you have improved your fingering.

Sight Read Daily

It is advisable to sign read as you practice. While sight-reading, you should read something that relates to your playing level. As a beginner, you may opt to sight-read something easy. Well, you should not opt for easy things all the time since you may be unable to challenge yourself.

Some books can offer subtle guidance to beginners. Remember, when sight-reading, you are supposed to go through a piece of music that you have never practiced before.

Practice Your Cadence and Chords Patterns

There are some cadence and chord patterns in music that you should learn. Make sure you are conversant with the minor chords, major chords, augmented chords, and diminished chords.

If you are not conversant with any of these terms, a cadence is in the form of a chord pattern that is commonly used when it comes to music. It is advisable to know the types of rhythms that align with each key. Make sure you have learned the chord progressions. Also, play the chords while maintaining a proper voice leading. To learn more about the cadences and chord progressions, you can enroll in an online academy.

Always Practice the Articulations

You may be wondering what the term articulations means. Well, the articulations will enlighten you about how to play specific notes. Do you play long notes? Connected notes? Well, the articulation will offer an answer to each of these questions.

There are more tips that can help when it comes to improving your piano technique. The additional tips include:

Practice Playing the Piano Often

Practicing consistently helps in improving piano technique. At times, people assume that practicing in one session can help them to improve their piano technique. Well, one session might help; nevertheless, practicing consistently will ensure that you have mastered the art of playing the piano perfectly.

It is advisable to keep track of your free time. You can practice during your free time. By doing so, you will perfect your skills progressively. As we all know, regular practice helps a person to perfect the skills they possess.

Record Yourself

As you play the piano, you might assume that what you have heard during the entire session will help you to determine the areas that you are good at and the areas that you need to perfect. On the contrary, you should use a tape recorder. After recording the entire session, you should listen to it over and over again to determine the areas that you need to improve on.

You can listen to the recording over and over again. In the process, you can determine whether you have improved on your weak points. Well, if you are a beginner and you were wondering about how to improve piano technique, recording your piano playing session will come a long way in ensuring you have become an expert pianist.

Ensure Your Piano Has Been Assessed.

If you were wondering how to improve piano technique, you should consider assessing your piano. You might be practicing consistently; however, you will not notice any form of progress whatsoever. Well, there are instances whereby the musical instrument might be the problem.

You should hire a piano technician, and they will assess the piano. They may lubricate some of the keys. In the process, you can play the piano faster. They can also tune the instrument to ensure it is in top-notch condition. The piano technician is also in a position to help you customize your piano’s playing style such that it can do everything you want it to do.

When the musical instrument works well, you will manage to improve your piano technique. The piano should be assessed at least twice annually. The main focus should be on responsiveness, tuning, wear and tear, and also voicing.

Include Games in the Piano Lessons

A piano teacher may issue such tips. A student may also incorporate such tips into their piano lessons. You can play games as you play the piano. In the process, you will be inspired.

As you play games, you will be more excited. You can include the games during your daily training routine. Some of the games that you can try out as you play the piano include online ear training, rhythm replication, notation, and online ear training. Search engines such as Google can also come in handy. The search engines can come in handy as you look for some of the virtual games that you can play as you partake in the piano lessons.

You can also come up with your own games. A piano teacher can also utilize their creativity to come up with games for their students.

Ensure There Are No Distractions

Technology has advanced over the years. As a result, many distractions usually come about. For instance, you might be spending too much time on social media such that you may be addicted to the platform.

To improve your piano technique, ensure you have gotten rid of some of these distractions so that you can practice playing the piano at ease. After getting rid of some of these distractions, you will notice that you have improved your piano technique progressively.

As you try to play, you might check on some of the messages you have received on your mobile phone. The moment you decide to check the messages; your focus will be ruined. In the process, you will realize that you are unable to improve your skills as a pianist.

Ensure you Have a Practice Schedule

You should have a proper schedule that comprises of the times that you should partake in the piano practice lessons. If you have a piano teacher, you can approach them, and they will help you to come up with a piano practice schedule.

As you formulate the practice schedule, you can ensure there are breaks in between. Each session should also be associated with a certain goal. Make sure you have outlined what you are going to work on in each session.

The practice schedule is meant to ensure that you have gained from every minute you spent practicing. Some real improvements will occur in the process. After formulating a schedule, you should stick to it. With time, you will realize that consistency pays off.

Look for a Professional Piano Teacher

As a beginner, you will gain significantly from working closely with the right piano teacher. With time, you will improve on your skills that such you may surpass your teacher. In such an instance, you should look for another teacher and make sure that they are not holding back.

Despite building a rapport with a particular piano teacher, you should focus on working closely with a tutor who will help you to unlock your full potential. Although the technical development is important, some people usually look for new teachers since they may act as a source of inspiration.

Play for an Audience

At times, a public performance may come in handy. As a result, playing for an audience may help you to improve your skills as a pianist. Try to play for people numerous times. After playing the piano, solicit some feedback from your audience. You may receive some criticism depending on your level of professionalism as a piano player. Take the criticism positively and work on the areas that need some improvement. Also, when you play for a particular audience, your confidence levels will rise, and you will gain significantly.

Make Sure You Have Developed Your Technique

As a piano player, you may try to develop your technique to the extent that you may try to surpass your technical ability. It is advisable to focus on improving your technique. You can develop your technique even after developing a specific playing style.

Although there are different ways through which you can develop your technique, you may find it easier to combine a repertoire that you can relate with and exercise material. Make sure that you have worked on your weak points rather than focusing on a particular playing technique. Adjust everything, and you will realize that you are improving on your skills regularly.

Come Up with a Warm-Up Routine

Before joining a practice session, it is advisable to warm up first. Although each individual has their own preferences, the idea about the warm-up routine is more of a suggestion.

During the warm-up routine, you can try out some easy chordal passages. They usually come in handy such that you will be ready for the main practice session.

Final Thoughts

We have managed to look into different ways through which you can improve your piano technique. If you want to become a professional piano player, you should adhere to each of the techniques that have been outlined in this context. The tips are suitable for both beginners and professional piano players who want to improve their technique.

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