Are you too old to learn piano?

Old man playing piano.

Do you dream of playing a concerto in a packed house where hundreds have come to see you tickle the ivories? Then I’m sorry to say, yes it’s too late to start learning to play piano.

Now are you too old to learn something new, impress friends and have a good time? You can absolutely do that. Sure, you will never be as good as if you started when you were 6, or if you started 10 years ago. But yes, you definitely can learn. Learning the piano, like any instrument or skill, is a journey and one that as an adult you can appreciate.


Now I won’t sugar coat it, learning the piano as an adult is hard. You might find physical challenges. Fingers not moving how you think they should, back hurts if you sit too long because that is just what it does now.  Then there are all those other pesky adult things that can get in the way, long work hours leaving you drained at the end of the day. Or children that might need raising getting in the way of precious practice time.

One of the more difficult challenges is to not compare yourself to other pianists. If you’ve ever watched another pianist and thought they make it look so effortless. You can be rest assured they have spent untold hours polishing their music behind the scenes. Always measure yourself against your goals, where you want to be and where you are. 


Starting later does come with advantages as well. You can set your own priorities and dedicate the time that you want to. You can choose the direction of your learning and focus on what interests you. Hit a difficult spot in the piece of music you are learning, you recognize that and have the perseverance to work through it. Or if you really want to, throw it out and move on. We’ve all done both, sometimes doubling down on something difficult and really pushing through it or deciding to tackle it later and moving on to something else.

At the end of the day it’s your decision and you can make the ones that work for you. If you want to learn pop music, go ahead or if you want to go with the more traditional classical approach. That is fine too. You can change your mind and start down one path and move to another. 

Invest in yourself

It’s good to challenge yourself and expand your horizons. What better way to do that than start with something you’ve had a desire to do and learn to play the piano. There’s no risk to trying but you stand to gain so much for yourself. 

The only regret most late starting pianists have is not starting sooner. Be that person who starts sooner.

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